When did you realize you were fed up with capitalism?

socialism helps people be able to get basic healthcare.

This only works in societies where generally everyone is on the "same wavelength", and in societies that are already affluent. It works in the Nordic countries because (within each country), they're generally raised with the same goals, the same willingness to believe that others will help them as much as they help others, and the same culture. America, per capita, is not as rich as the Nordic countries, it is a giant mish-mash of disagreeing and often rivalling cultures, and "believing that other people will help you out" is usually something believed by people who need help more than they'll be providing, and U.S. citizens know it.

So you wouldn't care if you'd help little kids get vaccinated etc?

I see it like this; people shouldn't be having children if they're generally too poor to pay for vaccinations; I shouldn't be paying other people to help them out of their bad decisions (rearing children you're too poor to properly raise).

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