Where is the Accountability When Alarmists are Wrong?

You and me don't care because when our electricity bill doubles it translates to waiting an extra payday before buying Halo-3.

Oh, and dwindling fossil fuels will always be "cheap", right? Never mind that the levelized system cost of onshore wind power is already below most other forms of energy, and that's before you factor in the obvious externalized cost of society that coal most of all entails.

But if you are one of the thousands of poor seniors in the UK who

Did you know that the much vaunted energy poverty in the UK was in fact due to rising natural gas prizes? And that had next to nothing to do with climate change mitigation.

If you are living in a 3rd world village and the difference is waiting until next year...

Indeed. Those people are usually not even connected to an electrical power grid. And the sfossil fuels that seem cheap to you are in fact very expensive to them. Do you know what works best for them? Decentralized forms of energy that have free supply, like small-scale solar and wind.

keep in mind they could have spent those resources on other real life problems.

What are those? I have no doubt that you would dismiss any other environmental problem as equally exaggerated.

Of course the other big issue would be solutions proposed like carbon taxes...

Ah yeah, the carbon tax. That could be put in place entirely revenue neutral, in exchange for lower taxes on labor. But anyway, carbon taxes are not a solution, they are just one way to finance some of the solutions. The IPCC suggests first and foremost: more efficient energy use (immediate savings), more efficieny transport, changes in land use, stop of deforestation, and only one measure is a change in energy production—and even there they talk about natural gas and nuclear.

So you bet hoaxes, hype and false alarms are very dangerous,

I note you have completely ignored the risk of underestimating risks.

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