Where does the enthusiasm to help go?

I understand that people can be assholes but, I don’t think demonizing dads everywhere is very productive. I’m a father of 2 and like a lot of dads in the world, I enjoy playing video games. However, I can usually find the pause button when my 2 year old is getting into something he’s not supposed to or when my boys are supposed to be laying down to sleep and my 1 yo is throwing his blanket and pillow out of his crib. Also I know plenty of mothers who would rather sit on the couch with their face in a phone scrolling through Facebook or texting their friends rather than get up and tend to their children. So really I think we should be saying that any adult who agrees to begin on the journey of parenthood needs to realize that being a parent means not always being able to devote yourself completely to certain things in life. It goes for both sides. Y’all really think that women are the only people in the world that have had to sacrifice things for the betterment of their child? Really? That is absolutely ludicrous. Everyone has to give up something. Personally, I’m a stay at home dad at the moment. Before my wife and I ha our kiddos, she was always working and I know that she feels better being able to earn her own living and it’s a nice escape for her to get out of the house and go do something productive. So I’ve sacrificed whatever bit of a personal life I had to help this come to fruition. Which was actually very depressing at the start. So can we please stop with all of this one-sided guilt trip bull shit?? I’m not saying that all men are great parents but, I am saying that it’s not only men who fall short sometimes.

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