Who am I?

Wanting to be a girl is the same thing as being a girl! If that’s how you truly feel, you get to be one. It is very common for trans women to feel that they want to be a woman and to not start off by saying, ‘I am a woman!’ Making that switch internally takes time.

It sounds like you are confused by your porn addiction which makes sense. Sexuality has nothing to do with gender. So any issues you may be dealing with regarding sex have no bearing on whether or not you’re trans. I definitely would look into getting some help working through that, since it isn’t healthy.

If you could press a button and become a girl, no pain whatsoever and society completely accepted you, would you do it?

Nobody can tell you what you are, only you know that. I would definitely suggest getting a gender therapist to help work through these feelings though. You owe it to yourself to explore these feelings. I think you’ll be very happy that you did!

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