Who has it harder in life, Men or Women? Explain your answer?

It's going to be hard to respond, whatever one's answer is , without sounding sexist, because of all the generalizations involved in explaining.

That being said, and with very Broad strokes, I think women have it slightly harder because of estrogen. It can inhabit the ability to make decisions that are detached, objective, and mathematically sound..... leading to consequences that might take longer to recover from....monetarily, psychologically, etc.

The world we are living in does not reward emotional intelligence, sensitivity, or nurturers in general.

While these traits in women can make life harder to succeed in (monetarily speaking), in men, the effects are worse because it also brings into question their masculinity. I think as we progress towards a society that is more enlightened and accepting of the individual, the answer might be a tie, since life does not discriminate who it thumps.

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