Who is the most financially irresponsible person you know?

I feel like most people I know buy themselves into poverty.

I'm always shocked when I hear coworkers complain about money problems. I understand that I am childless, don't have crippling student loans and other expensive debt and money sinks. I give those folks a pass, I totally understand how that can throw a wrench in your finances. Yet there's folks that are just totally irresponsible with their money and it's nuts.

Example would be in the morning we're in the break room getting coffee these folks will talk about dropping upwards to $500-1200 on something (PS4, new TV, new car etc) very expensive purchases on luxury items and entertainment. Then complain later at lunch that this company is shit and doesn't pay its people enough and that they live pay cheque to pay cheque and can barely afford rent/mortgage or groceries for their kids. And I'm sitting there making Jackie Chan face thinking this morning they were telling us how they bought all these nice expensive things but now say they can't buy groceries??

My previous company was partnered with a local charity and every month they do a family in need fund raiser. I pretty much loss my shit when one of the above example coworkers turned out to be one of those family's in need. The women that would tell us how she bought her son some limited edition Halo collector set that was sooooooo expensive and then bought a new 500 inch flat screen TV so he could play it on that was also soooooooooooo expensive but then whine how her son has to sleep on the couch because she can't afford a bed for him and that they can't buy groceries this week. That just frustrates me because I know the department she's in and the starting salary is at least 50k a year and basically she is taking up a slot in that fund raiser for a family that could really use it.


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