Who wants to participate in a live production choose your own adventure story?

Though while the Wizard owl was busy chanting the unthinkable occurred!!!

The orb of power lured Rocky in, While the owl was singing its protection spell. The orb's corruption was strong, And Rocky was weak to resist.

He fell under the orb's power, And his mind was filled with evil thoughts. He became corrupted by the orb, And he turned against his friends.

The owl's protection spell was not enough, To stop the orb's corruption. Rocky was lost to the orb, And his friends were in danger.

The owl knew that it had to stop the orb, Or else Rocky and his friends would be lost. It cast a powerful spell, That destroyed the orb.

Rocky was freed from the orb's corruption, And he was grateful to the owl. He vowed to never let the orb corrupt him again, And he would fight to protect his friends.

The owl was happy to have helped Rocky, And it knew that he would be a powerful ally. It looked forward to fighting alongside him, To protect the forest from evil.

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