WIBTA if I told my husband he buys bad gifts?

NTA. If this were my husband, I would be very unhappy by now, but I would have been far more direct than you have been so far

I get it. I hate the thought of people wasting their money on things I don't want/need. I'd much prefer them to spend their money on them than on something taking up space or that I'm going to give away. In my family, we all do lists of things we'd like (to suit all budgets), and then people get something off the list. That way everyone gets something they actually would like, and no money is wasted.

The background of this is my mum is awful at buying presents. As a child I would get something I almost wanted but actually it wasn't. I had to look at it for the next year, and it would be a disappointing and perpetual reminder.

I genuinely would be happier not to get anything, than something I didn't want.

I would rather know that my mum actually spoiled herself with some money than buying yet another thing that I didn't like. Fortunately as an adult my mum has only gone off piste a couple of times. I was blunt and said i didn't like the present and please return it. That may seem harsh but only way she will listen.

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