Wispi (mini karma firmware) for various type TP-link router, ex: tl-wr703n, tl-mr3020, tl-mr3040, tl-mr3220V1/v2, tl-mr3240V1/V2

Wispi, Karma Mini Router for pentester - 3 - Idsecconf 2014 in the German language which means "yesman". As with Piranha, Jasager Fonera router can be used in 2201 and also Fonera 2.0G. This feature is controlled via a web user interface that uses xml ruby ​​as its CGI.
 Pineapple MK I and MK II, introduced September 2008 as the first row of the products are sold by a team of 5 in Hakshop his rights. Fonera router itself using 2201 and also implements features Jasager Karma.
 Pineapple MK III 4, a router that uses a router Karma ALFA Network AP51. Specifically, it uses Atheros AR2315A processor, 8 MiB flash rom, ram 32 MiB, 1 lan and one USB port. Its applications include Karma, aircrack-ng which is used for jamming (deauth with aireplay), dnsspoof, arpspoof. All of these applications are controlled via a web user interface with PHP4 as as its CGI.
 Pineapple MK IV 5, is an upgraded version of pineapple MK III. For Sale by Hakshop above Alfa network AP121U products with Atheros AR9330 400Mhz Processor specifications, Rom flash 8MiB, Ram 32 MiB, 1 s / d 2 pieces lan port and a USB port. MK IV is not only an increase in terms of the processor but also peningkata terms of applications that allow for additional application modules called infusion. Infusion itself was developed by MK IV users with utility functions such bermacam2, jammer, reaver attack, ettercap, evil java, mitm, randomroll, smser, tcpdump, urlsnarf and some tools for activities other pentest wireless.
 Pineapple MK V 6, the latest version of Wi-Fi products are harvested by Hakshop Pineapple. Router itself is a product and not the product costumized free. Specifications include having: CPU: 400 MHz MIPS Atheros AR9331, 16 MiB flash rom, ram 64 MiB, 1 Micro SD card slot, 1 port Land's first USB port. The application itself is quite diverse, ranging from wireless pentesting up for air signal tracking (dump 1090) with an additional
4 Pineapple mk III firmware can be downloaded at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/58371878/Jasager/Mark%20III%20Firmware/MK3FirmwareV2.1.2.zip.
5 Pineapple MK IV firmware can be downloaded at https://wifipineapple.com/?downloads.
6 Pineapple MK V firmware can be downloaded at https://wifipineapple.com/?downloads.

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