With Sims 4: Cats and Dogs coming up, let's take a trip down memory lane to The Sims 2 Pets trailer, released 9 years ago!

Oh wow, I had all of the incarnations of the pets game except for the GBA one.

The one for the Gamecube was solid fun and played a lot like the PC one, minus having to go into town to buy special pet stuff like fancy treats and toys. (And I think spending more money there actually upgraded the stores so you could get even swankier stuff? It's been a long time.) I'm also pretty sure the CAS was also more in depth than PC 2's with jewelry, belts and being able to pick their shoes, almost like 4. I also want to say that there were clothing swatches to pick from too, because even though you could barely mess with their faces, I remember taking a really long time making Sims!

I'd get bored of it without my CC, boolprop testingcheats, other packs and motherlode, but there were absolutely more than a few days where I'd plunk hours into it at a time. I mostly just wasn't used to actually playing the game properly and found it a little tough after a while because I tended to cheat my way through 2 until I was about, oh, 19 or 18? The game came came out when I was nine so that's a lot of time relying on cheats, haha. (I also had Bustin' Out on the same system which I tended to prefer because of the challenges and moving from house to house constantly. The pre-mades were also way more memorable, even the Tutti and Frutti families from the freeplay neighborhood.)

The one for the DS was cool too! It came out when I was super into my 'must have every vet-themed game on the market phase' and I think it was one of my favorites in the genre. I remember that you'd get extra money for dressing pets up in silly costumes, and that you got to play with them a lot. It was... Unrealistic comparatively for the most part, but I think that drew me to it more! I could never last for more than about 3 in-game weeks because I was horrific at money management and taking good care of a ton of pets at once, but every vet game was like that for very-bad-with-money/easily overwhelmed kid Harvest, haha.

But I have to stop at some point or I'm going to end up writing an essay about all the console games. I just love most of them so much and they almost never get talked about!

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