With today being July the 4th, I figured this firefly glitch clip may be worth sharing with the rest of you.

  • People use High-impact snipers because of blinting. And the ability to ez insta-death with a teammate's primary. And sniping even a single super is a game-changer. You stop 1-3 team deaths, and you prevent the orbs from charging more supers. But the most important part of stopping a super is that you stop the enemy team's momentum. This means that you're less likely to get wiped again off of spawn advantage, or get split-spawned.

  • It took people a long time to use Icarus because re-rolling doesn't exist, so there is no way for people to test out perks besides waiting and hoping.

  • If you don't shoot a handcannon as fast as it can shoot, then you lose gunfights to ARs and Pulses which do not miss shots.

  • My question was about a blink-recovery time glitch. Which anecdotally, people were reporting that it took longer to be able to use weapons and abilities after blinking. Personally, I didn't notice it, but others said they did.

  • It'd become common advice before the nerf on CPB and among players to switch from blink to BC/and Glide because they were already more effective. Warlock Helicoptering and Hunter Skating are well worth the loss of blink. There was a very clear consensus that blink was bad, and I would know because when I made a post about using blink, I got quite a few responses from good players who had already abandoned blink. It would seem as if usage is more important than actual gameplay value.

  • Is player-frustration a measurable stat? And did blink really create more frustrating encounters than jugg + skate did? I'd imagine that having a player move at you at +50% speed with a shield in front of them that takes half your clip of nerfed-primary to break would be significantly more frustrating than anything anyone could accomplish with blink.

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