Woman shot herself in the head while cuffed with hands behind her back during traffic stop, police say

Americans are the real zombies. The police could rape your mom in front of you and you people would stand still and sing the national anthem while giving the officer a medal. You’re braindead if you guys don’t start to riot after some bullshit like this. They’re killing you out of fun. We have enough body cam and other videos that proof how often your police kills people without a reason. Every victim of police brutality is your very own fault, every citizen of the USA who is not demonstrating or rioting against this, is literally saying its ok that the government and police is killing your family for fun. You’re weak and thats the reason why nobody is taking you serious anymore, not because of trump, because you the people, are spineless sheep without any moral values who let all of this shit of the last 3 years happen without any reaction. Like, it doesn’t matter who you vote after trump, the USA clearly showed the world that its people are not able to make important decisions or act accordingly. People can get killed, the economy can get looted, the police can do what it wants, no free healthcare, your students are in debt before they learned anything, hell what was this shit with them migrant children and parents who got separated ??? Learned directly from the Natis I see... And you see no reason to riot ??? lol its delusional. You’re so blind and brainwashed, the world should revoke your right to be a independent acting country. I simply can’t believe how a government is able to control and manipulate such a modern folk. YOU are the people. Everything that happens in your country and government is something YOU allow them to do. People of America its time to put instagram away and stop being so passive. Its your duty as a human, to go against such a government and people. We’re in 2019 not 1606. Act right. And get get your good reputation as Americans back.

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