Women complaining about the pay gap in sports is like men complaining about the pay gap in Onlyfans.


That's not going to happen on a porn set, though, is it.

Did you forget Newton's third law? If one of them suffers during intercourse, then it's highly likely they both do.

How does that apply to poking a body part into someone else's orifice? If I shoved my dry finger up your butt without prep, I'm going to to out on a limb and say that this was more painful for you than for me.

That's not to mention: If you look for "painful sex" like I have just done, you find a vast catalogue of women in pain. It's so common and longed for, it's its own porn category. Front page I just saw had a women engaged in deep oral, vaginal, and anal sex simultaneously while the the men's problems were squatting in a slightly awkward way.

Honestly, I'm feeling you're either purposefully arguing this point for with some ideological reasoning behind it or entirely oblivious to the sexual experience of women, specifically in film productions.

Unless a man is on the receiving end (which happens in the definite minority of videos), most of his complaints can be and are being considerably reduced by lube. Whereas women just have to deal with stretching, stretching, stretching as far as they possibly can which never seems to be enough for the hungry viewers.

Check out experiences provided by porn stars. I've yet to hear a male porn star citing the pain as an issue (bigger issue is controlling erections and uncomfortable positions from my quick Google), but there are plenty from female porn stars.

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