Women, what are some questions you’ve always wanted to ask men, but were too embarrassed?

I’ve slept with quite a few out of shape girls, some on the thicc/chubby side, and I’m telling you man, sometimes I was super convinced that they were faking orgasms to the point that they sometimes got a little offended because their bits like didn’t move around at all, you couldn’t see or really feel muscles clenching up, their breathing patterns didn’t really intensify with that whole about to pop a fat nut hip grinding motion… and no I’m not talking about the overly exaggerated pornstar bullshit.

Maybe other variables were at play, maybe I just couldn’t get them off, but i would put decent money on there being a correlation between fitness and orgasm quality plus general “tightness”.

That being said, to all of you beautiful women out there who aren’t in the best shape of your lives… sex is still great. But let’s be real, y’all can tell the difference between a in shape and out of shape guy doing it with you too.

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