Energy drinks and preworkout are shit. Nothing beats 30 minutes of high intensity cardio 4-5 days a week, 100 pushups before bed and a healthy diet.

After leaving my ambulance job, I told myself that no one can pay me enough to work a full time night shift. The quality that night shift took away from my life definitley wasn't worth the 18 bucks an hour I was making. I found myself constantly in a daze. It gave me stomach issues, robbed me of a normal social/family life and made me gain wait since I was unmotivated to workout/eat right. I felt ready to fall asleep at any moment of any day regardless of how much sleep I got.

I don't know if you have the ability to request a different shift but I would absolutley recommend doing so. There are a lot of studies on how night shift negatively effects your short term and long term health.

(I know this is a weird argument to make in an EMS subreddit considering that working nights is quite literally just part of the job for most people in EMS, so I understand if I get downvoted)

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