AITA for supporting my stepdad and my siblings (17F) (15M (10F) after my mom kicked them out with the clothes on their back?

A bit of info about the whole “kicked out with the clothes off their back” as I could not add more to my original post as I reached the maximum characters.

  • She did not allow my step dad to get any of his clothes After kicking him out (felt shifty about this but there was nothing I could do)

  • after kicking out my two siblings (17F) (15M) she refused to give them any of their winter jackets/shoes as it was fall going into winter when she kicked them out. When they came back and asked for it (just knocked and asked if she could please give them jackets/shoes (they were on call with so I heard everything) she called the police on them once again and the police allowed them inside to collect their things. To their surprise she had hid all their winter clothes, jackets and shoes. The left with nothing.

-My 10 year old sister who doesn’t understand the extent of what she went through asked for her clothes and she said “let the workers handle that” whatever the the fuck that means”

Regardless I bought all of them a new winter wardrobe and me and my husband provide whatever they need. My stepdad also works and currently got into a new business venture which brings him more income so they’re in a good place.

  • My baby sister (now 11) as of this year. Still called my mom on her birthday to just say that it was her birthday and that she misses her.
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