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Starch is not just bread. Corns, green peas, rice, and potatoes are all starches.

Also, the longest living and healthiest civilizations all happened to eat primarily starch. Aztecs, Mayans, Okinawans, Irish during their famine, and etc.

We are also designed to crave sugar for a reason. Cats don't crave sugar because they are a carnivore, hippos don't crave starch because they eat primarily greens. Our body designed us to crave certain things for a reason; to look for it and eat more of it. There is a reason why starch contains more essential vitamins and minerals for humans, than any other food group. I recommend watching The Starch Solution on YouTube if you are actually interested in searching for truth, unless you just want to find information that supports your narrative.

Not trying to be harsh, just helping ya out, mate.

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