“I would kill myself if I was in your shoes.”

Wow i couldnt relate more. I have asked for help so many times from doctors ers pain clinics and they just dont care i suffer every minute of everyday they just push you off say go here go there like no how about i stop paying money to go places so they can say we cant help you. Ketmaine too bullshit didnt work. I cant even walk i feel like i need to be in a hospital i told my pain management there like im sorry but if u keep telling us this were gonna have to dismiss u we cant do anything else i tried finding any pain place on long island that can help me there is non. They wont do pain medicine because im too “young” im fuckin almost 30 and was in a accident my neck is fucked. But anyway its sad how hard it is to get help for pain because they cant test for it so they dont know how bad were really suffering plus the opioids there fine to help but lets face it people need more and more. And theres an epidemic yes. But we cant just leave people out to suffer in silence either theres gonna be like in patient pain management or something to help us people out here

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