Would you wave your right to own an assault type rifle to ensure that they can't be easily obtained by the wrong person, why or why not?


I do not own any guns, but focusing on firearms in general society is the wrong thing. It is not items. It is people. As long as the media glorifies doing this, people who are at the end of their rope and want to send a final message will do things like this.

It doesn't have to be firearms at all either. Any crowd (school, place of worship, concert, or sporting event) is an easy target for any sort of vehicle (rent a truck and plow into a crowd and kill and maim far more than one could with a firearm), or an explosion (see: Oklahoma City, Bath School Disaster).

Also, the use of "assault rifle" type rifles is extremely vague and mostly due to marketing and politician rhetoric. It isn't a real type of firearm.

And as one who has experience with firearms, I'd rather bad guys use them than things that are more deadly. Firearms are very difficult to actually kill with. Note: no matter how many victims there are, they can only aim at one person at a time and the wounded outnumber the dead.

It isn't about firearms and it is deadly to focus on them.

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