[WP] The main character deals with the fact that they are actually not the main character.

"This is my fate, Elizabeth. I have to do this. I am the chosen one, after all.

Those words lingered in Matthew's mind as he rallied his group of soldiers at the base of the ruins. He looked back on the day when the Prophets proclaimed him as the "chosen one" that would help save the world from a terrifying evil. He remembered how Lauren wouldn't let go of his arm and how he had to reassure her that it was his sole duty to go and fight the demons that ravage the land. It was a frightening thought, but he prepared himself for this endeavor.

It wasn't long before his battalion of troops crossed the bridge in the ruins of the capital city. These demons had no need to occupy the cities they conquered, so they left them demolished and burning. The sight of their evident crimes made Matthew sick. How could they do this to us, he imagined.

Suddenly, the monsters appeared from the darkness and ambushed the troops at every angle. Demons rushed towards the armed veterans, but nothing could prepare the soldiers from a pincer attack from the front, back, sides, and even in the skies. It wasn't even a minute before half the troops dropped to the ground, dead and bloodied.

Matthew, being the chosen one, stood his ground and took out maybe two or three demons with his specialized weapon exclusive to powerful heroes of old. However, their numbers were too great and they pinned him down and disarmed him in a barbaric manner.

This can't be it, Matthew uttered. This can't be the end.

Suddenly, a mere adolescent only younger than Matthew rushed out from the ruins and picked up the sword - only the chosen few were able to pick it up. This young man used his momentum in combination with the sword to strike the three demons that pinned Matthew down. He then, with superhuman strength and talent - rushed through the battlefield and eliminated all the monsters that swarmed what remained of the battalion.

This is the beginning of the story of William - the Hero of Legends. We start at this point, where William claims his birthright as the Chosen One by using the Divine Sword. He then looks around to see the survivors - he tried to save as many as he could. It's then he gazed at - oh my.

"Wait... Wait wait wait wait. What?"

What's this? Matthew was still alive - I mean, Matthew barely survived the encounter with the monsters.

"No, wait wait hold on a moment. Who's this?"

Matthew, in disbelief, pointed at -

"No, no - stop narrating my actions. Who's this?"

"I'm William - the hero? Main character? Nice to meet y-

"Main character? No that can't be right, I'm the main character.

... Matthew, I regret to inform you that you are not the main character.

"What? Then what was with the introduction and me being "the chosen one?"

Wait, you read that? I mean - oh yes that. Yes, you thought the prophets indeed titled you as the chosen one.

"Yeah - I'd save the world!"

... No. No one said that. I said "the "chosen one" that would help save the world." You aren't the Chosen One - but you were chosen to help.

"That makes no sense! That's incredibly misleading! Who am I supposed to be if not the actual Chosen One?"

Uhmm... well the prophets were actually agents of the demons so they intentionally told a random kid, in this case you, that they were the chosen one so that all the attention was focused on you instead of William. Because you know, that would hinder the actual hero. And the Divine sword was supposed to be an important plot element to William later on.

So essentially, you helped get that to William. Other than that... yeah no you had no other roles in the story. In fact, you were supposed to die right now.

Matthew stayed silent for a moment - so long enough that I was allowed to narrate his lack of action.

"That's fucked up. You know what? I'm outta here. You guys suck. PEACE."

He walked away from the ruins, disheartened and disoriented from the massive shock of the startling revelation.

"That's actually kinda unfair, y'know that right." William added in.

You shouldn't be complaining. You're the main character.

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