Yeah, what the fuck?

Whenever some new outrage video is found on youtube among the billions of videos, why the fuck does everyone seem ok with saying 'why does youtube let this slide'. Youtube doesn't allow this and we all know they don't(???) animal abuse, domestic violence, pedophilia, child abuse, all get taken down after Youtube's limited employees are notified. Then we go onto bitch about how youtube culture has demonetized videos with swear words, created strict rules for parternship, how channels get falsely taken down because of a sensitive algorithm trying to TACKLE this very problem. Either provide a solution to this impossible problem or notify youtube through proper channels or kindly fuck off with your take down piece in what I can only assume as an advertiser/new article trying to redirect misaimed anger. Oh look billy posted a video on pornhub where they slice a dog up. KINDLY FUCK OFF PORNHUB you scum.

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