how was life for you at 16/17?

Ok colonolcheesyniblets!

At only 2 months to graduation you are very much correct:

At this point, you might as well just keep on trucking and just do your best with those 4 different exams.

Study your @ss off!

And while you're doing it... remember to sometimes just take a couple of deep breaths... really fill your lungs with lots of air... exhale... do it again 3 or 4 times...

Then have fun studying!

And if you fail... you fail...

So what?! Who gives a f'ck in the end.

If you fail those exams, you simply won't graduate from high school at this point!

The worlds not going to end for you or anyone else whatever grade you get on those exams!

If you fail, then follow my recommendations above, take a couple of months off, relax, then get a job, and eventually get your GED, and pick up a trade, or even go to University.

(By the way I just added some extra points above as well!)

FINAL NOTE: let me know if you pass the exams or not!

I'm curious to hear what happens. You can just PM me.

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