Yin and Yang

It's the same as the Pythagorean tetrad and can be traced back to oral nomadic cultures. The zero dimension begets one as light and unity. One begets 2 thus, 1:2, as yin matter, then 2 begets 3 as 2:3, as yang.

I'm not on my computer so I don't have any bookmarks to post. But here's a recent video from my friend on the matter -


Plato created a different ontological status for numbers and geometric forms with his transentent ideas and thereby covered over the truth of reality, and if you look Plato was effected by the medium of the phonetic alphabet. The use of which biases the eye and the left brain.

The presocratics were mediating, doing a form of incubation, which works with the right brain.

Reality is a musical harmonic composition and we are no different or separate from it. My friend has done a lot of work on this. The asymmetric movement of yin and yang is noncommuntative.

The big thing is adding, or reintroducing, reverse time, as negative energy potentials. That does away with subject-object dichotomies and spatial distance. Nonlocality is touched upon in quantum physics, but as my friend notes the mathematics is wrong in Western science.

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