Young boy burned alive in Chicago. Where's the BLM? Crickets.

Something needs to be done in that city. This is why I don't take blm or the kneeling SJW'S seriously. They're still talking about Emmitt Till, which happened what 70 years ago? But young black kids are killed all the time in America's inner cities. So their lives don't matter? Only career criminals who get shot while reaching for weapons matter? Just imagine how much the poor kid suffered and wtf is the bleeding heart liberals? Where's Jesse Jackson? Where's the riots? I'm called a racist a lot by libtards but TBH I'd love to see the black community do better. I want blacks to stop killing each other. I'd love to have a more peaceful country where we could all get along and help each other. There are some great black leaders in the country if the majority of the community would listen to them and stop calling them Uncle Toms.

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