do young people have a future in Toronto?

I pay 1550 for 1 bedroom in the annex that I can leave whenever I want and not in serious debt to tje bank I need to pay off.

My issue with 700k is that I don't think Toronto is worth paying that much because it doesn't have what London or nee York has by a long shot yet costs more to live here. I'm also willing to pay 50% of my money to live in it and don't believe that it will be worth over a million one day because Toronto is being ruined with the lockdowns completely and no one will want to live here with no jobs or fun anymore. So it's the risk aspect to me. The greedy condo fees also are a deal breaker because they can just raise them from 400 to 800 one day and will be impossible to unload at all if that happens and I'll be screwed paying 60% of what I make snd then if rates gk up 70% etc etc so it's a real risk I think and will eventually collapse one way or another either crashing or getting so expensive that the Canadian dollar completely collapses because of it.

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