You think your ex is trashy? I can top it

It's a good point to make, and being compassionate is important for healing and understanding. But this is beyond comprehension to me. I had been gone months, and she moved this girl into her apartment with her. She knew I was coming back, and just didn't care. It was like we never happened. To this day, it's like we never happened. I respect that she has moved on - but going back and deleting a year old review out the blue? Mimicking my selfies? But won't meet up with me, or speak to me like a human being? It's beyond me, and not something I can understand. You're probably right - maybe mental health issues are in play here.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to keep making contact with her.

No plans to do so. I emailed her sometime in September about meeting up for a coffee. When I was ignored, I blocked her on everything indefinitely. Just the total lack of respect for me as a human being really upset me, that she couldn't give me an hour of her time or even a response.

It's just sad. The whole thing is both trashy and sad.

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