Youtube/Podcast Recommendations?

Hasan is not a social democrat. He is an ML socialist. He suppresses his leftism on air. One time I saw him directly quote Lenin, and when asked where he heard that he joked "I made it up" and laughed.

Nobody actually believed him, his whole chat knew it was Lenin. I think he did that for his contractually obligated advertisers. Losing the ads means losing his platform.

But he's far too knowledgeable of theory and far too leftist to be a social democrat. I've watched a substantial amount of Hasan and never heard him say "tankie" ever, so I can't comment.

An argument against his uncle has nothing to do with him as an individual. I still love my capitalist father, his fucked up world view has no bearing on me. He is my father. If I went around hating everybody that disagreed with me, I would have very few friends and I would change zero minds.

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