YouTube is taking down conspiracy theorist channels and popular gun videos

Lol and again a person or persons at YouTube are in charge of deciding how wide that line is between those two. It's also very easy to point out crazy conspiracy theories, but once that is a way to start having speech suppressed, it becomes easier to start labeling differing opinions as a "conspiracy theory" or "fake news".

When you try to shut people up rather than prove why they are wrong, you begin to marginalize parts of society and those marginalized folks start banding together. I'm sure there are lots of folks who are card carrying members of the NRA because they feel like like their guns are going to be taken away (they're not) and because of that fear, they chose to align themselves with a group likely further right than they are.

The way to fight stupid ideas is NOT to try to ban them. It's just gonna feed into what they are saying on the next best video hosting site.

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