Zoe Quinn, who has doxxed multiple people and incited harassment & doxxing of TFYC, is in violation of Patreon's updated policies.

Fucking SJW's are taking credit for changing the Patreon guidelines when we all know it was GamerGate. Why won't the press acknowledge you guys more. Either way, thank you guys for making it easier for Patreon to boot human garbage like Roguestar.

Okay, so first off let me explain to you why nobody ever takes these moments of your seriously. You are clearly trying to dig up dirt on Zoe Quinn (who is by no means somebody you guys are obsessed with, despite the 1200 upvotes) in an attempt to show how SHE should be booted from Patreon. You're totally missing the fact that 8chan was associated with some truly appalling activity, and that Patreon specifically excluded Frederick himself (despite the fact that he has heroically declared that he doesn't give a shit the content of 8chan). In fact, when Fred set up his second Patreon (which is actually raising funds under false pretences; SO MUCH ETHICS), they let it fly. You guys appear to be oblivious to the fact that 8chan, as a site, was being used to host horrible content. And Patreon can totally take a moral stance and say that they don't want to fund a site that is cool with content like that. As always, when the ol' free speech debate comes around, I feel the need to point out that free speech does not mean you get a platform to fund and publish your ideas. You're not being oppressed just because somebody is saying they won't allow you to use their private funding platform to make money based on their legitimate views.

As for Quinn, her first crime is apparently linking to a separate article which specifically refuses to release identifiable information in the process of investigating someone who was lying about being female online. Real heavy shit.

The 'source' you have for Mike Cernovich's doxxing is Mike fucking Cernovich. Please stop associating with Mike Cernovich. Mike Cernovich is a liar (and quite possibly lunatic) of the highest caliber and he has zero credibility in virtually any major forum. I think his biggest dream is to actually get swatted so he can stop telling people 'you don't understand man, I was almost swatted'.

Finally, we return to the ol' 'harassment' of the TFYC charity constituted her criticizing their business practices. They sure proved her wrong by running to Reddit with the story of the big, bad Quinn and getting thousands in donations. It baffles me how you guys always complained that Sarkeesian got rich by playing the victim and TFYC approached Reddit and the chans at a time when the Quinn hate was popular singing songs of oppression at the hands of the SJW's and talking about how they lost all their money. To me that stunk a lot more of playing the victim to get publicity. Bear in mind that they had zero ethical problems taking money from people who were in the process of openly harassing women in gaming, so their project was confusing to say the least (it's wrong to say they supported harassment - in this case they were supported BY harassment).

They blamed their loss of a business partner and money because people on Twitter hated their project, which apparently meant that Zoe Quinn had tanked them. Notice that when you guys went after Gawker, Gawker didn't lose money because you guys kept writing online about how bad it was. You got together and organized an aggressive (and 100% bullshit) email campaign to convince advertisers that Gawker supported bullying (and that you guys were a coalition of concerned anti-bullying citizens).

You cannot, in all good faith, say that Zoe Quinn and a bunch of her followers shit-talking TFYC in a dozen or so tweets is any form of harassment. The more damaging claims (she doxxed and DDoS'd them) were debunked by TFYC themselves. If you find me evidence that Zoe Quinn was planning a TFYC takedown, then by all means, we can talk.

But otherwise, her actual role in this is in no way aggressive. Notice I think she was unduly critical of their project and I think she should have cut them some slack before calling them out, but that's not the same as harassment or taking them down. TFYC was the only accusation against Quinn that I took seriously because it was about her conduct as a game developer rather than the hegemony of her vagina (a cynical man could argue that you guys played it up because the whole 'she blew her way to the top' narrative was making you look like assholes, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, the Reddit/chan reaction to this was...well, you guys remember the ensuing show of classiness from Redditchan.

So yeah, your case against Quinn is flimsy. NOT TO MENTION that even if all of this was true, it would not actually constitute a violation of Patreon's TOS. See, the idea was that Patreon could not be used to fund shitty things (like Roguestar asking people for money so he'd stop being a cunt), not that Patreon cannot be used by people who have at any point in their lives sinned against mankind. So if Zoe Quinn tosses up the 'let's doxx GamerGaters and abuse them more than they've already been abused' Patreon, then raise a stink. Until then, stop with the Quinn talking points.

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