171 words Lovely people of ARAD. Can you give me some advice? Situation is in the comments. 134 words Who is the most unexpected person you had sex with? 118 words Is cuck predominantly a male fantasy or do women cuck as well? 141 words Straight men of ARAD, what do you think of anal? 132 words How far have you taken it with CNC? 154 words Women who do Anal, how often do you prep for it vs. just go for it? 167 words Whats a controversial opinion you have about sex? 146 words What's the biggest lesson you've learned in your past relationships? 150 words Would I be a whore if I’d let my crush and homies run a train on me ? 248 words Is it cheating just to talk? I phone my wife's sister almost every day. We talked for 6 hours today. Never had sex or kissed. 133 words Best sexual experience with a stranger? Someone whose name you never learned 135 words guys who say "hey" as their first and only chat. what am I meant to say to that? 403 words I’m trying to balance wanting more sex but respecting my husband until or unless I can end my relationship. I’m using r/sexfantasies as an outlet but any other suggestions like exercise that might help in the interim? 342 words What is the best sexual compliment you've gotten? 127 words What was the most memorable time you were seduced? 170 words have you ever hooked up with someone from reddit irl? 133 words have you ever randomly received nudes from a friend or acquaintance? what happened after? 164 words Who's someone in your life that you guiltily want to fuck? 179 words What’s an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction you’ve have? 129 words What's your ultimate sexual fantasy? And what about it appeals to you?