Women who do Anal, how often do you prep for it vs. just go for it?

Some women, not all, dont get any pleasure from anal and do it for the sole fact that their significant other really wants it. They dont have a prostate like men and even though without a prostate it can still be enjoyable, many women dont find it enjoyable at all. Why spend all the time prepping yourself if you really would rather not do anal in the first place. Ive spoken to many women who hate anal but pretend to like it to turn their man on and none of them prep and I honestly dont blame them. All the prep in the world doesnt make it a clean activity, it helps prevent a mess but you can prep for an hour and still create a mess. At the same time, you can do zero prep and have zero mess. As a gay man, i do prep, but i dont blame anyone who doesnt

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