What is the best sexual compliment you've gotten?

My ex liked told me two things about a year into our relationship:

  1. She doesn’t like to be slapped across the face, a boyfriend did it once and she felt like it was a massive violation and she thought it was disgusting.

  2. She could not cum from fingering, it was impossible.

One night I had been working her over for hours, up and down, alternating between oral and sex. When she got particularly ramped up after a round of oral I whispered in her ear “Be a good girl and lay here quietly for me.” I wrapped one hand around her throat and slipped my middle and ring finger inside her and gripped her pussy with the rest of my hand so I was gripping her from both ends and just started sneaking inside her. She kind of just lost her mind, first making guttural noises, then begging for me to squeeze tighter, finger deeper, faster, harder. I literally felt like I was unlocking a hidden sex monster, it was awesome. I ramped her up up up with some different fingering and oral, but the climax is her turning a faint-ish purple as she wants less air and more fingering, my wrist hurts like a mother fucker, and she just cannot be satisfied and won’t get the big O out of her. So I just kind of called and audible and on anothe ramp up I was choking her and I whispered “Do you want your face slapped like a fucking whore while you cum?”

Y’all. She violently came on my hand the moment I asked, while gurgling some form of “yeeuuuUuuAAaSasaaHhuuhh” so I started slapping her face over and over and she let out sounds I’d never heard a woman make before. She cried, she laughed, she was utterly bewildered. But when I got out of bed to get her water she said “You’re a god damn pussy wizard.” Suffice to say she is a big fan of being fingered and slapped like a whore now.

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