Lovely people of ARAD. Can you give me some advice? Situation is in the comments.

I’ve been interested in this guy at my workplace and was thinking of asking him out after I stop working there. I thought he was single because he wasn’t wearing a ring, until he mentioned his wife. He only mentioned her to illustrate a certain an example to a situation we were talking about so it wasn’t super detailed.

But I was a bit surprised. Like I said, he has no ring on. There are some very subtle flirty undertones between us and sometimes I catch him giving me looks. We’ve been making great eye contact and the conversation feels natural. I thought things were going great. So my question to you guys is why would a married man take off his ring (he took it off a few months ago, I noticed) but then mention his wife all of a sudden? Is it possible that he could be separated but not legally divorced? Or is he still with her? Curious to know what you guys think.

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