160 words She us right you know! 183 words A man guards his family from the cannibals during The Madras famine of 1877 at the time of British Raj, India 115 words I work at bar in the evenings, and I’m also fluent in sign language. Tonight a deaf man sat alone in my section, so I chatted with him in sign. The table next to him noticed and asked me how long I’ve been signing, etc. then I found this on their table. I will be paying this forward ❤️ 125 words As someone who in the past lived in an oppressed middle eastern patriarchal culture that saw female freedom as a threat, wearing the Vesper feels both empowering and like a symbolic gesture in shamelessly celebrating women's pleasures 135 words When the acid wore off 151 words New life, who dis? I freaking did it reddit! 244 words Philippine eagle's blue face. 125 words My friend recently got a puppy and he's been my model since 217 words Jack Forskin 130 words My fiancée was asked to paint Tony Bourdain, her idol. I think she nailed it. 199 words A boy born weighing 268 grams (9.45 oz) was sent home healthy after months in the neonatal care unit in Tokyo. He's the smallest child to ever be born and survive 191 words State Rep. Accidentally Posts Photo of Middle School Girl Giving Him the Finger 140 words Absolutely terrifying shot of a Great White deep in the black depths. 123 words My dad passed away last night after a 9 year battle with cancer 153 words 3 months ago I posted in here about reaching 9 months of sobriety going into the Holidays . Guess what guys? I made it thru the Holidays and the New Year. Miracles DO happen. To the many folks who commented last time and believed in me, this goes out to you. 221 words Beautiful multi coloured sky in Sjusjoen Norway 388 words The Grand Lake Theater in Oakland’s message about national emergencies 220 words The Grand Lake Theater in Oakland’s message about national emergencies 201 words Boy has nothing to eat,but when given two lolipops,he offered one to photographer. 202 words Learning to paint helped get me off antidepressants, this was the last bottle from 5 years ago