173 words Hey Reddit. I found a fake $50 bill on the street and noticed this Asian writing. I can't tell what language it is. Can anyone translate it for me please. 184 words How much public space we’ve surrendered to cars. Illustrated by Swedish artist Karl Jilg. 262 words Imagine this on a foggy morning 389 words Driver feeling threatened by 16yo girl raising awareness for the climate crisis. 132 words An extreme hot tub in Iceland 219 words This chap saved lives today. He wrestled a knife from the hands of the London Bridge terrorist. 252 words On Thanksgiving we cook Xenomorph in this house... 132 words One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don't clean it up too quickly. 375 words So, my friend made life-size Snorlax for my husband... 123 words My mother in her last days enjoying a small tree I planted for her in the front yard of her busy street. What I wouldn't give to relive that moment with her. I hate you cancer. 132 words Detroit 2003 Vs Now 160 words If it can happen to them then it can happen to you. 113 words This photo was taken at the finish of the Brazilian Grand Prix. Pierre Gasly made F1 history by achieving his first podium and beating 6-time champion Lewis Hamilton by just meters to the line. 489 words Chinese police have announced that they will use live ammunition. Students currently trapped in university. Police arrests anyone who tries to leave, denying protestors medical care. 260 words This dirty truck 454 words My face after successful brain surgery to repair an aneurysm 149 words A girl staring down a man in the Chilean protests. 171 words It's attempted murder, plain and simple. 136 words My son is autistic and has a wonderful bond with most animals he encounters like this Bluejay 130 words Family Halloween Costume Win!