124 words Bar in Nebraska doing it right 404 words Sled dogs move through "very unusual" meltwater in Greenland. High temperatures have caused the water to pool on top of the ice sheet. 377 words This image epitomizes the new self-image created by technology in modern times 259 words Took my Daughter to New York City for the first time, this is one of my favorite photos of the trip 143 words Hong Kong Protestors Giving Way To Ambulance like Crossing The Red Sea 170 words My parents were classic southern racists. I never understood that. At all. This weekend my son married the most beautiful, smart, sweet girl in the world who loves him and he loves her. Just the way it should be. 2 generations. Love wins. 161 words It's Not Pie 158 words Churches vs gay rallies 141 words The difference is cherry-picked images. 137 words Sunrise in Knights Ferry, California with perfect atmospheric conditions for a beautiful split sky. 152 words Londoners welcome Trump on London Tower 200 words Picture of Kwame Ajamu being told he is a free man by a judge, after being falsely imprisoned for 27 years. 208 words The real picture of Tiananmen Square that people should be posting 133 words I am Jewish. My Muslim neighbor of 10 years brought this card and these sweets over to me today. Ramadan Mubarak to everyone celebrating this year, and may there be peace on Earth! 153 words The most original DVD i have seen 197 words “A life is not saved just by letting it be born” 175 words This big guy and three of his friends got into our newly built Montana house and proceeded to live there for a month before being found. 221 words Texas high school student meets Dad on border bridge after he couldn’t attend her graduation. 527 words My dad's coffee grinder was acting up... so he took it apart... this is what was inside. 180 words I finally managed to get an awesome photo of me lookin’ like a badass!