Dominion attorneys after their lawsuit against Fox News was just settled for $787.5 million

As much as it would have been nice for us to see this go to trial, they still are running a business and I am not gonna knock this decision for even a second

Ya know, this is just my opinion, but I 100% hate every word of this.

Fox News told millions of people for years Dominion is rigging elections on Democrat's payroll. Instead of going to trial and clearing their name, they settled out of court for money. Not their name, not their reputation, not all the lies.. just money.

Honestly, them settling gives more ammunition to Fox News than anything else they could have possible done. Shit, even I'm not even sold now that Dominion would have won. They made money yes, but now they just proved they can be bought for money.

If they will settle with Fox for lying and damaging their business... is it really a stretch to believe they'd take a few hundred million to rig an election? I think settling was the stupidest possible decision in that company's history.

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