I lost my buddy Sean. Sean was a great Climber. Fuck Cancer

Thank you. I've never had to deal with anything like this in my life and it's taking a toll on me. I was actually talking to my wife about her getting a recorder. Obviously it's hard for her it's her father but Holy hell is he so mean and nasty, but she's able to still talk with him and make plans and all.

He just literally insults me out of no where now, or in front of people because he loses it constantly that I'm making him look bad and absolutely insane things I can't even keep up with. Its like clockwork i can literally tell my wife how hes about to come after me because whenever he embarrasses himself he goes on the warpath of finding ways to basically show im an idiot and useless etc and even tell people around our small town and whatnot.

we live in a very rural area. So it's not like he sees the same people regularly besides us. So to other people I can see how they just think its an off day or whatnot. He lost his volunteer positions on our local museum board even because they tried to make meetings work for when he said he could do them and never showed up to any of them the last 6 months. But no one will say anything to him so he also insists its just us making it up.

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