A second Norfolk Southern Train derails in Ohio, just a month after the East Palestine derailment

The comment below couldn’t be more right.

Liberal values are virtually non existent in the two party system. The far right houses everyone from literal Nazi’s to granny and her regurgitated talk show points under the Republican moniker.

The Democratic part is a right wing party, not even centrist. Yet the propaganda machines keep screaming, “Liberals might as well be communists.”

I get that people are over worked, under resourced and the last thing they want to do is think critically… but fucks sake Florida has a literal Nazi governing the state. It’s astounding.

1933-1937 was the first rise of Nazi’s in America as they bribed elected congressional representatives taking a foot hold. Now we again have them in Congress and governing some of our largest states.

If someone can’t hear the storm bells screaming at this point they are choosing to ignore it.

Linked little bit of history which I’d highly advise not reading. In fact please write your elected officials to request this information be censored and to further defund schools for a stupid easily controlled populace.


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