Hospital in Afghanistan after drone strike that killed 42 people including 24 patient and 14 doctors

how many concentration camps does the west have, because China has an entire population of Muslims in the Xinjiang region locked up for ethnic cleansing

While arguably not as bad, Japanese internment camps were quite recently. And the US isnt far out from the days where minorities were treated worse than animals

when’s the last time American troops recorded a war crime, got found out, and were PRAISED

Okay cmon bro. Do i even need to bring up the hollywood and cultural praise of US actions in Iraq or Afghanistan? Chris Kyle is paraded as a hero and even had a famous celeb star as him in a movie. The sack of shit is seen as a hero.

Russia sucks , and yes i agree with you theyre often more brutal and tend to commit warcrimes more than the US - even in the same countries such as Afghanistan. But lets stop acting like the US - specifically politicans and “patriots” - all of a sudden care about the countless warcrimes that theyve commited in the GWOT or in east asia. Politicians that run superpowers majority of the time are spineless shitheads. Wether they speak russian english or chinese. One being worse than the other doesnt all of sudden make the others “okay”. The standard should be to stay out of other countries and fix our shitfest inner cities instead.

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