I love how mad this beer is making certain people.

It's only divisive to assholes. If other people being who they are, in a way that doesn't harm (generic) you or anyone else gets you this riled up, you can be confident that you're the problem.

Gay people: We'll be gay, you can be straight, everybody can just be who they are. We'll call you by whatever pronoun you want, you do the same for us, everybody wins.

Homophobes/the Right: we'll be straight, but you can't be gay; or if you are, we'll oppress you, marginalize you, discriminate against you, withhold rights from you that are granted to heterosexual couples, preach hate towards you and paint you as lesser-than, abominations of God.

I wonder if you can spot the difference. It's almost like one side preaches inclusion, and the other ... doesn't.

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