At a Drag Queen Story Time today, a sign the Nazi group put up in protest. Stay in school, folks!

LGBTI doesn’t cover it all. there are new nuances being made that describe sexual attraction. graysexual demisexual heteroflexible. i’m not downplaying the sexual attractions or saying that they are new but it is new words to describe preferences. if you now have a term that explains your sexuality or sexual attraction great but if there isn’t one you fit into it seems you’d just give your preference a new label that describes it. which people being gay trans getting married having drag shows or lgbt media spaces is great for the representation but that’s not something a child should be taught. if a child wants to watch a drag show then they should have to go look for that themselves not just be given the content so freely without asking. i’m not saying keep it from them but if gay people have been gay through the oppression without being taught about sexuality or gender in any direction. then why do the kids today that might not have thought about sexual attraction at that age need to hear about sexual attraction. you say y’all are living more freely and open about it and have people and spaces to connect and share with. and yes it’s still hated more than it needs to be but stopping that hate isn’t going to come from showing drag shows to kids. so if the adult lgbti+ community is being more accepted and growing then when the kids grow up and sexual preference should start to matter to them then they have established adult communities and gay leaders parents teachers that they can look into.

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