A Walmart store in Canada posted that warning sign

TEMU referral program provides free gifts and money. A dollar saved is a dollar made ya kno.

The strategy is pretty simple. There are multiple promos running at a time offering gifts/money. Some offer multiple gifts.

Go through all the promos and pick the most expensive items or cash options. Or whatever you want, its a lot of stuff to go through. This part is the most annoying. I priced checked by using the app on my phone and using my laptop since when you are doing the promo activity it’s super annoying to go back and forth on the App.

You only need about 4-6 new referrals for each promo to get the gifts. And the gifts are the same items from the store and there are what felt like hundreds of options. I also noticed that the more I looked at a certain category of product in the app the more it would show as an option for the promos. This is useful because you can back out before choosing anything and then mess with the algorithm to get the things you want to show up on the promo pages.

ALSO, you can get referrals from the already registered users as well if they click your link, you just get less. BOTH of you will get some money. The same person can also click on multiple links and support all your promos and vice verse. That’s actually a lot of points right there. For this reason I’m going to leave all my referrals links for all my promo pages below, after joining the the first one you will be able to still earn from the other links (and of course I will too)

Be careful of the cash prizes because they are not giving you the full amount. For example, if it says $100 then it’s really $50 TEMU credit and $50 discount if you ever you spend like $300 or more type thing. The PayPal cash gift is like that as well, where you get half the amount stated for PayPal and the other half as a discount after spending x amount of money. You might have to click around to see this finer detail on the promo pages around where it says the total cash amount.

Some promos let you change your rewards and some do not. So make your selections very careful for the prizes and the multi prize ones as well. The first prize is usually the more expensive options and then cheaper and cheaper options.

I am one referral away from getting a $135 air fryer + $45 headphones for one of the promos. I only had 2 referrals done on it to give you an idea on if it’s worth it or not. I’ve tried other types of things like this and this one’s pretty fast with reach the goal and getting the gift. Waiting on my brother to finish work so he can get me that air fryer but thought I write my first guide and also have a little go here :)

TLDR: it’s worth it compared to earning .14 a day after one gazzilion clicks or some other annoying thing.

Link to join: https://temu.com/s/LeXSUguDxlmaeALo

Link to boost up yourself and myself (all my referral promo links):

There work after you’ve signed up, we both get a little amount. Not as much as a new sign up but still good.






https://temu.com/s/ixAab3z4vRMOh5el -this last one


This last one is for Fishland and this one has mission that let you earn on top of referrals such as daily check ins and such.


As you can see there’s multiple promo pages for gifts and money. So the options are really endless since Temu store is like Amazon, you could choose anything really (not stupid PayPal and gift cards and off brand electronics that no one wants…ok Temu got some of it again it’s not your only option)

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