173 words Fitsnews: Nanny Dawn Files Civil Suit Against Thomas Ravenel & Multiple Corporate Defendants 364 words Tempering Expectations 160 words Hunting/fishing 423 words TIL Frank Zappa was a futurist who was enthusiastic for the possibility of holographic imagery. So much so that he recorded footage of himself in the early 70s with the intention to be used when technology got to that point. A Frank Zappa holographic tour using that footage starts next year. 164 words what more do you need?? 186 words what more do you need?? 239 words Do you like the brand Ralph Lauren or not? Why? 191 words Slow Police Response and Chaos Contributed to Parkland Massacre, Report Finds 162 words Colt and Larissa drama 218 words So long Arena, see you later (I hope) 122 words Officer demoted after giving retired K9 to shelter 271 words Fellow NEETs: Time is a luxury. Treasure it, spend it wisely! 135 words My mom got different answers from different doctors about her aortic aneurysm, can you help us understand the situation? 161 words That moment when police tries to pepper spray Yellow Vest protesters, but protesters just pepper spray them back 341 words So, it’s almost the end of the year? No matter how big or how small, what have you accomplished? 132 words "Unless you're packing like 8+ inches, you can't be a true power rapist" 181 words The castle on the hill, Cochem, Germany 124 words Is Warbreaker important? 125 words CMV: Physical barriers such as walls, and fences work exceptionally well at reducing illegal border crossings as part of a broader border security 206 words Has anyone else felt that this season is overly political?