167 words Things are beyond terminal. Prepare now! They didn't allow you to know this! 309 words New bug: Found myself logged into someone else' account 174 words Im going on a trip to see my best friend of 8 years for 2 days without my boyfriend…Am I the asshole? 146 words My mother called me after 9/10 years. 157 words Does anybody else have these issues? Or am I just not doing well? 160 words Question about Tulpas through less empathetic and more pragmatic perspective 524 words being a poor teen 131 words OP post a boring conversation on r/Bumble, has a complete meltdown when called boring in the comments. 151 words Second generation immigrants in interracial relationships how did your parents handle you telling them about your SO? 383 words How do I explain to my friend why I ghosted her without saying that my GF didn’t want me talking to her 142 words What are some stuff that you learned in school at the time, but has changed since then? 150 words Paralyzed with zero executive function — PMDD or ADHD or PeriMenopause? Winter? Caffeine? General depression? 218 words If you stand when you wipe, you’re a freak 280 words HS should show which multiplier you have right now. (End of season rewards) 147 words She is streaming more than 8 hours every day, how about, we don't watch her streams or comment at all. Then she'll have nothing to do! 166 words was told i was pregnant at 15 by a doctor when i wasn’t. 315 words I created a copy-trading community that allows people to make money in the stock market by copying professional traders live. 200 words M1 v M2 Mac Mini 118 words A major Alphabet investor said the company should cut even more jobs and address 'excessive' pay in the wake of mass layoffs 142 words However you feed your baby is okay! Fed IS best. But stop the crap saying how much milk you produce and how your kids are ‘exclusively breast fed’.