179 words Difference between Se and Ne 146 words And those are just the ones the tape caught... 267 words I accidentally sexually "harassed" my friend. 354 words Baby is here. Healthy and all. His mother has EDS. I know chances are 50/50 but what’s the proper age to get him an actual DX!? 199 words Every motion that was passed today at BMA Junior Doctors Conference 2023. 128 words Arc A770 16GB - OpenCL performance 134 words opinion on my summer plan 173 words Why replace the OG voice actors when the characters they’re portraying have basically aged the same amount of years they have in real life? 123 words Please help! 115 words Basic questions for a newb with no rulebooks 282 words This is f****** bull**** 174 words Leger Poll: CPC 36%, LPC 30%, NDP 19%, BQ 7%, GRN 4%, PPC 2% 206 words I believe that Western society was built on Christian values, and the transgender agenda directly threatens these values. I believe that disagreeing with transgender ideology doesn't inherently make you bigoted 127 words Lose a leg in a firefight? So what, run a marathon 175 words Developing a killer CUTSWING. Here are some links to different videos to help everyone trying to enjoy the game. This is the preferred swing mechanics conference players. And why you should learn it too. 131 words What is Sir greg the egg saying here? 248 words Feeling powerless and unsure on how to proceed 206 words Can you stay in the military if you changed your mind about leaving? 195 words This idea that companies deliberately set money on fire to claim losses on taxes 142 words [Neubeck] Email from 76ers fan: "There's an astrological reason why Embiid is injured or ill every year in the playoffs in April, esp when the Sun is in Taurus..."