196 words DeluxeMiningAssets offshore scam alert - Beware! 175 words My husband likes to look up actresses online to see what they look like naked 123 words Tony Khan responds to fan on Instagram about Match Announcements 144 words is it just me or is AT&T 5G a scam in Dallas? 120 words A phrase that gets thrown around a lot (especially lately) is “LGBT rights”. What does this term mean to you, and why do/don’t you support it? 181 words Find doctors 126 words qual a experiência mais assustadora e engraçada(doidera) que aconteceu com vc e seus amigos 154 words Which one you guys wanna be? 197 words effects of masturbation 170 words Social Media has a bad reputation but through browsing sites like ClitCock one can get a look at how amazing life is for the normal men and cunts of the Empire. 141 words Interesting parallel between Viserys and Daemon 173 words Heavily armed militia group marches in Texas and say that illegal immigrants are taking American jobs 301 words Have you ever had to do CPR in public on a stranger? 129 words The weight isn’t out on bricklink yet obviously for the new crest but I think it will fall right in line, any other parameters you all want to pick lol 136 words I'm dating my rapist 252 words How is it possible that some still think guilty (beyond reasonable doubt) with the following: 182 words I can't believe it took this far before Kpop fans realize the whole VxJennie situation is so creepy 301 words Preschool 115 words Payper Finance Perpetual Derivatives Platform 172 words Save file for monastery quest (No DLC)