190 words Women who are in relationships, what was your first impression of your current partner & how accurate was it looking back? 150 words Smoked weed for the 1st time 1 month ago at age 42. Loved it going on 33 days straight. Is that too much ? Can you smoke every day? 161 words The cake (Tres Leches) my wife spent hours doing and her sister thinks $35 is super expensive 161 words question for extraction 220 words Who made the worse call late in the game, Todd Bowles or Leslie Frazier? 425 words What antiquated features of cars do we just accept that if they were redesigned/invented today would be completely different. 217 words Can you help me understand what the difference of Make, CMake, and Ninja? 126 words How do people afford to live and do anything aside from survive? 128 words Anyone Else Just Done? 267 words Due Diligence 212 words My husbands gaming irritates me to no end, advice needed! 129 words Is there a way to kindly ask my friend to stop being overly positive around me? 212 words LPT: Before you drop off your car for service, take a photo of the odometer. 126 words Do I just stop investing at this point? Uneasy about money loss. 161 words Describe someone you initially found physically unattractive, who over time became sexually attractive to you. What did he do that made you attracted to him? 128 words Anyone else feel like "fun" decks are being pushed out of Standard? 152 words Samsung Referral Code October 2021 129 words Congrats to my wife. 192 words Want more? ONLY $4 TO SEE ME DRINK CUM ON MY ONLYFANS 1,175 words [Shelfie] His and Hers with Routine and Product Reviews