285 words Was erwartet meinen Kumpel in einem deutschen Gefängnis? 205 words What happens to anti-maskers after the COVID-19 pandemic? 494 words Found this in the latest NYSE rule filing. Appears to be an appeal against the ban of some well known dark pools 307 words "Harvest of Despair: the 1933 Ukrainian Famine" (1983) - the story of the Holodomor, the Soviet-orchestrated Terror Famine which was supposed to punish Ukraine for its independence from Russia, forced families to cannibalize one another, and ended up killing 3 million people [00:55:02] 123 words Idea for new ML Event: Block Race / Sled Push 342 words He (35M) made me (28F) eggs and now I feel overlooked 863 words Jack de Belin and Callan Sinclair found not guilty of sexual assault 217 words AMD vs nVidia Colors - Concrete proof of differences 327 words OP's ISP slows down every website he visits except speedtest.net (With Proof) 151 words I'm a millennial. Each perfectly timed crash in my financial history has prepared me for this economic holy war. I think my parents view the Hunt brothers as comical ill-fated villains. I see they are heroes. 145 words MED MONDAYS 188 words Loved how my engagement photos turned out! 123 words It's Time To Call Bullshit 221 words Daphne Bramham: New Richmond school to ‘tread lightly’ on China issues 266 words Guy friend tells me I’ve been talking for a while and that someone else should get a turn...he talked 80% of the time out of 5 people. 151 words Beginnende Belegger - Op zoek naar advies voor de lange termijn 148 words Que ganas de poner a cierto moderador ahi 269 words Mit tegyek? 303 words M 140 words Cyberattack on pipeline spotlights holes in U.S. energy security