246 words GPS location data shows that Republican areas engaged in less social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic (controlling for all relevant factors). This is consistent with survey data which show that Dems believe the pandemic is more severe and report a greater reduction in contact with others. 515 words Teachers who stop class to embarrass kids really need to reconsider their maturity 190 words Can I ask neighbours to put this barking dog inside during showings? 117 words DENIED! 178 words GUIDANCE | A portrait dedicated to my little sister I did a while back! 140 words What do you think of "wow you're exotic"? Do you take it as a compliment?? 146 words Just wanna ask this one. 151 words You try threaten me with a good time? 136 words Index der menschlichen Entwicklung in den Deutschen Ländern 160 words When the only crown you got until now is from the season rewards 141 words Dunzo database breached, phone numbers and email addresses compromised 185 words We need more people like this 171 words This was not satire. There were more slides which basically said "thinking that incest is abnormal is racist and fascist" and stuff 133 words Stop coming into where I work to talk dirty to me just because you think this is a sex shop. 137 words Is there any truth to cell towers emitting radiation that's harmful to us? 137 words What's everyone's profession/major/prospective career? 136 words Kids have cut the binge drinking - and we don't really know why 341 words Why did Germany recognized the holocaust (and even made monuments to remember it) but Turkey to this day still denies the Armenian genocide? 195 words What to do about men’s homeless problems? 205 words [Meta] YNAB Promo Chain! Monthly thread for 2020-08