153 words [Transfer Round Up & Discussion] [2019-07-15] 280 words Non-native english writers. 259 words Nigel Farage appeared on Russia Today to discuss how he’d "steal Sir Kim Darroch’s job", in 2016 816 words I want to make my 5.1 home theater into a Dolby Atmos one, one a budget... and I may have a good idea that works... in theory. Will it work? (Read my comment below detailing my idea) 399 words Thanks to all the good cunts participating in the gun buy back. 130 words AITA for telling my wife it’s time for her business to grow or her to get a job? 264 words All TI9 Immortal Treasures Giftables Megathread 205 words Jayne quits social media (Includes twitlonger) 226 words Guys, what isn't nearly attractive/hot as many girls think? 390 words Obese people should not be allowed into theme parks. 138 words Donald Trump tells AOC and Ilhan Omar to 'go back' to their 'original' countries 132 words Knob & Switch Porn 703 words STOP QUOTING MOVIES 213 words [FINAL UPDATE] My [29M] fiancee [28F] of 4 years randomly claimed I abused her, and called the police. This came completely out of the blue. 255 words Should I rerun the bridge 3.0 147 words There's nothing wrong with saying "I'm not racist, but" 141 words If you got a dollar for every useless fact that you knew, you would have $0 because those ‘useless facts’ are no longer useless because they make you money 197 words I'm getting married and I hate it. 164 words What are your solutions for fast boats? 152 words Am I a bad Christian if I don’t go to church?