455 words Tactical Thursday 152 words New Zealand prime minister gave birth to a baby with her live in partner 141 words I'm short, ethnic, unpopular in college and have Asperger's. Should I even try to game girls or should I just focus on my studies? 115 words Are there any free running clubs in Boulder? 156 words It-rektor advarer mod humanisme-bashing: "Tendensen kræver, at jeg råber vagt i gevær" 164 words Has a doctor ever misdiagnosed you, if so how did it affect you? 171 words What are you STILL salty about? 127 words Unreal Engine 4.20 Released! Includes a ton of Switch performance fixes and improvements 134 words Twitch reminds me of Black Mirror 640 words HUGE [GFE] sale! Includes:▪Unlimited pics&vids on request▪Casual chatting/flirting▪1 daily sexting session▪ALL of my premade content▪ Day/Price: ♡ 4/$65 ♡ 7/$95 ♡ 15/$150 ♡ 30/$250 ♡ 153 words Huawei discussion 254 words Tongue-lashings from North Korea’s Kim underscore shift in focus to economy 257 words Atlantic Ocean circulation is not collapsing – but as it shifts gears, global warming will reaccelerate 194 words What are you STILL salty about? 145 words This Korean streamer surprises his new English speaking viewers with some John Denver. 195 words My life ended once my son was born 131 words Banned from r/The_Donald and had a scary conversation with a mod. They’re just blatantly accepting that Trump is owned by Russia. 183 words Two weeks before his inauguration, Donald J. Trump was shown highly classified intelligence indicating that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia had personally ordered complex cyberattacks to sway the 2016 American election 172 words I still feel the yearning for love with a women despite having swallowed the red pill. Life feels... empty. 1 words The "Gentlemen..." reporter strikes again