138 words "بطلب من العالم كله يشوفوا ايش بصير في غزا، وللي بدعموا اسرائيل بالسلاح همه قاعدين بقتّلونا في هذا السلاح" أخ وابن شهيديْن في العدوان الأخير على غزة، براء صابر سليمان في حديث مع قناة المملكة الأردنية 223 words Pittsburgh Named the 3rd Most Livable City in America 328 words [Spoilers All] In Response to "I don't care for Nick" 164 words I (19F) don’t see my partner (21M) going anywhere in life (kind of), and I don’t know if i should try to help or leave. 181 words Having my own baby made me realize I don’t like my step kids. 995 words How green bottlenecks threaten the clean energy business 138 words What's the worst wedding you've ever been to and why? 176 words Totally 139 words [Media] Powder keg 161 words Precision and Accuracy 223 words Need to vent about rescue application process... 146 words Tips on playing Bethany? Just unlocked. 380 words Homophobic cowboy gets upset about a pride crosswalk 579 words How are you getting involved politically? 154 words FBI Agent Discusses Case 117 words Netherlands must ban cryptocurrencies immediately: CPB head 152 words How the small nation of Belgium became a European football superpower. 135 words CMV: Any product that can be sold in paper/glass/metal packaging should required to be. 319 words Want to be the next Stephen King; but currently work in a grocery store 173 words Opeth Elimination: Pale Communion (Results) and Sorceress (Round 1)