171 words Why do women act so oppressed? 435 words US sends aircraft carrier group to Mediterranean as Russia threat looms 143 words Campaign event video leaked 1,197 words I’m in the military, but want to pursue Audio Engineering when I’m out. 222 words Edmunds: "The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is now our top ranked electric SUV. And after driving it head-to-head with the Tesla Model Y, it's not even close." 182 words NIO Daily Investor Discussion 264 words r/fantheories bot theorizes that Jim from The Office is a pyromaniacal sociopath 382 words America is a debt trap 235 words Phil Spencer: We "desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation." 329 words Are women in their late teens/early 20’s infantilized and if so, why do you think that is the case? 204 words “West elm Caleb” proves that women are the meme gender 134 words No insurance and my tooth is killing me, where is the cheapest place to get medical services in Los Angeles? 323 words I made a fake call to 911 and a woman lost her children and went to prison 267 words BILLIONAIRES CONTRIBUTE TO THE GROWTH OF SOCIETY. Can you guys tell me what you think of this? objective perspectives would help 265 words guy with dementia decides to drive 45 in a 25.. and manages to send three teenagers to the hospital in the process. 132 words Kimondta az EMA, az omikron ellen nem fenntartható a sorozatos oltás, új vakcina kell 166 words GMIL readded my dad on FB after I had asked her to delete him 195 words What popular food havent you tried yet? 218 words I didn’t cut the toast the right way. 224 words "Joe Rogan smokes weed - he can't be right-wing!"