527 words Is online dating for black women really harder? 200 words Here is most of my packing list from last year. ( I also added a few things I wish I would have had) I found it in my notes and thought it may be helpful. I also camped in 80 acres if anyone has any questions. 320 words How do we convince the History channel, Discovery, etc to go back to showing shows that are more intellectual and less 'reality tv'? 336 words My [24f] friends are concerned that I am addicted to painkillers (co-codamol). I disagree, but now I am doubting myself. I don't know how to proceed with fixing the relationships. 399 words Gov. Matt Bevin publicly signs bill allowing Kentucky's public schools to teach the Bible 247 words Beach House - "Zebra" [Alternative/Indie] 266 words Me [42 M] with my son [23 M], he is literally a loser, how can I fix this 329 words What defines an "Age" in fantasy? 223 words Awesome view of Sarajevo. 244 words Three CNN journalists resign over retracted Trump-Russia story 250 words Doctors write fewer prescriptions after sunshine laws reveal drug company payments 2,006 words What is something you worked so long and hard for, only to be ruined by a simple mistake? 263 words 19 Year old College student faces two years in jail, after falsely accusing two football players of rape. She later confessed she lied about being sexually assaulted to get sympathy from a prospective boyfriend 160 words British police chiefs to consider issuing firearms to all frontline officers 264 words Encountering "Strong People" and how to deal with them 427 words NHK planning an Internet license fee aimed at households without a TV 165 words I can only do a seamless "siren" quietly 306 words I will face God and walk backwards into hell. 242 words (serious) Humanity is extinct and you are the last person alive. What message, containing the essence of Mankind, would you leave, knowing that it will be read by others (aliens, ...) in the future? 880 words [WP] The world hasn't seen a misspelled word in decades. The world hasn't seen a structurally unsound sentence in even longer. The world pretends that shorthand never existed. Because the world lives in absolute fear of the Grammar Nazis.