19 year old Girl attacked by 5 pit bulls in coma

OP, is there any other source besides the GoFundMe? I’m trying but I can’t find any local news articles anywhere with details of the attack, which is weird because this kind of thing usually at least makes the local news wherever it happens. (Like that case of the nine year-old girl in Detroit being murdered by those hellhounds back on the 19th.) I don’t want to be one to call bullshit, but we need to be able to support our movement to ban these dangerous dogs with independently verified cases of their brutality.

It’s a disservice to our movement if we’re tricked by some random GoFundMe into getting all emotional only to find out the Pit attack in question was a hoax or a scam. It gives the loony Pit-nutters more ammo in their effort to claim those beasts are “misunderstood” and “victims of prejudice” if we start spreading news of attacks that we can’t verify.

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