It was 2016, the struggle was real!

/dusty meme-vet takes off helmet and pours a cup of covfefe

I was there.

Gangnam Style,


It started as a simple 4chan OP.

/sips covfefe

4chan in the vein of habo-hotel wanted to inverse troll the Japanese. J-Pop was dominant in those days, hell most Americans didn't even know there was a K-Pop. This was the premise of the opening move.

1) Gangnam Style was released, 4chan went around saying "This is the worst J-Pop song I have ever heard."

2) I shit you not, a holy war of weabos (is that the right word for Americans who wana be Japanese?) started and raged. It became so incendiary, and with a little guidance from 4chan, even Japanese speakers were defending it (without having heard it), until ... about week 2 ... a Korean Person showed up and said...

3) "The song clearly says 'Korea' in the lyrics. Furthermore no self respecting Japanese person would ever appropriate Korean culture." Thus ending the holy war, but that night Psy said he wouldn't put DMCA strikes against other people using his music and immediately a video clip of Nelly Furtado doing the gangnam style in South America went viral.

4) Next Day Britney Spears tweets "OMG someone has got to teach me this Dance!"

5) PSY ambushes Britney on The Ellen Show.

6) Meanwhile China was threatening an island, NK was threatening and Island, no one on my Conspiracy Theory site would even Click on a Korea titled thread. We were loosing the Government Mandated Contraception debate. You can already buy contraception cheep, we were saying. The stores are all open we were saying. And the fact that most people though he was saying "open condom store" helped. Gangnam Style actually BTFO of the NWO abortion Tax, scared the Shit out of the NK & Chinese "oh shit they actually care about SK?", and changed the course of international affairs. Suddenly SK was untouchably popular.

7) Gangnam Style becomes the first video to cross 1 Billion views on December 21st 2012. Just as the Mayan's predicted, we've entered meme space.

/puts down the cup

Thanks for the covfefe.

/Puts helmet on and heads back to the trenches.

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