No game NEEDS an easy mode

I can’t get past the fact that this only comes up when a really hard game is really popular. They don’t really care about every game having an easy mode. Sekiro is the hot shit right now and they just don’t want to be “left out.” Souls games aren’t really my jam these days (I liked Demon’s Souls, but I didn’t keep up with the series after that), so I just accept that not every game is for me, which is apparently a radical and divisive concept now. I don’t get it. That is the game, and asking for another difficulty that overhauls the entire game sounds ludicrous for me. And again, you wouldn’t give a shit if your internet friends weren’t all talking about, and the only way you could still give a shit this time next year is if you hold onto it out of spite. You don’t have to get into every hot game that comes out.

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