Best way for two Americans to stay in Europe indefinitely?

If I was married I would had stayed in the Republic of Georgia.

  1. 360 Day tourism visas that can be reset with a tourism run.
  2. Foreign income is taxed at 0%. Banks are high quality (especially TBC)
  3. Renting is just $300 - $600 a month. Buying is pretty cheap if you end up loving it a lot.
  4. Kiev and Instanbul are a $200 flight away.
  5. Weather is really good in Winter. Not a fan of the summer weather though.
  6. 80% or more of Georgians look white (the women often look like Angelina Jolee to me).

I would recommend Batumi over Tbilisi. Batumi has cleaner air, more restaurants, flatter (easier to walk), sea air and so on. Tbilisi is really just a place for NGOs and Embassy workers in a nutshell (and it has China style pollution and a lot of strong negatives to it).

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