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There was this girl in high school who really liked me... Or should I say we liked each other, but I was in love with my girlfriend of several years, so I kept deflecting her attacks... One after the other. For years. She was adamant... and gorgeous and exhilarating... She had a boyfriend as well. The guy was my childhood friend, so there was that one additional reason not to give in to that temptress-in-training. He knew about at least some of the things going on. Like, when in recess she would take her boyfriend's hand and come and have a conversation with me about how she asked him to fuck her in the butt, and he fucked her so hard that she could barely move for hours. She would also send me videos of them having sex with each other, or just naked pictures of herself, or herself and her ladyfriend having fun in the shower - pictures I still treasure on my hard drive. But I had a girlfriend... So I kept shooing her away... admittedly, often with trembling lips, a bulging hardon and a scorching desire. I'm ashamed of it sometimes, but I didn't tell most of it to my girlfriend. She was way too protective of me. Jealous like that... But this one time when we were around 17 we had a little fight and I broke up with her for about a week, then we got back together, and been a couple until around my 21st birthday. But something happened that week, something I never told almost anyone about... You see, a couple of days after I broke up with my girlfriend, at the end of a long school day the other little temptress came onto me and started flirting. I don't quite remember what she was saying, because she approached me next to the locker room of our class, I had ENOUGH of it after a few words, so I grabbed her arm strong, opened the door, pulled her in, then pushed her against the wall firmly and started passionately kissing her. She started unbuttoning my shirt, my pants, we kissed, I practically tore off her clothes and kissed every inch of her body. She was very slim and fit, and oh my god, she had such perfect, huge, firm breasts, I couldn't get enough of it. I threw our clothes on the floor, pulled out a towel from my backpack, and quickly turned the key on the door. It took me no more than a few seconds, but she was already lying on her back on the towel, legs apart. Light from the lamp made her pussy's nectar shine like manna from heaven, so I jumped in and drank it all up. I kept going back for more, ever thirsty, never enough, too delicious: I went back again and again, licked her pussy as if it was the purpose of my existence - and with a pussy so delicious, tits so perfect, who am I to say it wasn't at least a highlight of it? She reached orgasm quickly, the second time wasn't far away either, but the third time she came so big that she completely lost her self-control and bloodied my shoulders with her nails. It pissed me off, so while she still enjoyed the last few waves of her third orgasm I tore off my pants and put my smoldering hot dick into her convulsing vagina, and she moaned SO LOUD that I was certain somebody will be tearing down the door soon. As on the other side of the door there was a whole school full of people. Most classes were over, mind you, but we were only a few meters away from the teachers' office, and the corridor outside our locker wasn't exactly empty. There were plenty of people out there, and if I could hear them, they could certainly hear the moaning wonder attached to my dick. So during the ecstatic feeling of her tight, still-orgasming vagina enveloping my hard dick I tried to make her keep the volume down. I supported myself on one arm, muffled her mouth with the other, so it would dampen the moans she made every time I thrust my 3 years of being terrorized by her, into her. When her moaning and breathing indicated that she was approaching yet another orgasm I slooowed down, I made it clear that it was not going to happen. She was in heaven's door, and I deprived her of entrance. I wasn't ready to come yet, so it was time for me to teach her a lesson. After a minute or so I saw it on her face, she begged me with her eyes, she reached for my hand that muffled her moans, perhaps so she could ask for absolution for her past sins against me, but I didn't let her move my arm. I was in control, and I let her know with increasing the frequency, depth and strength of my thrusts. I lowered the elbow of my supporting arm to the ground, put my palm below her head, making her a caressing pillow, and started kissing her - my face still wet of her delicious nectar, my nostrils still full of her lovely smell. She could taste it too for sure. The moaning turned into ecstatic trembling as I sealed her lips with mine and as I started to pet her clit with my other hand. I was really close when her trembling started to become cramping and intensified. Her fingernails yet again sunk into my back. The last straw for me was when her pussy started convulsing again. My cock was ready to explode with blood for a long time, then her pussy suddenly felt choking-tight and she broke the skin of my lips. I felt the faint, sweet taste of my blood in our kiss and I euphoria took over me and I came into her orgasming hole. I ejaculated on her cervix. Wave. After. Wave. I filled up her young little pussy - my first time ever without a condom. I hugged her, and we were fused together in a delicious stupor, like the two halves of a peach. We stayed in this blissful union for minutes and let our heartbeats slow down - then, still high from the bath of delicious chemicals our brains were just subjected to, our muscles weak from glorious exhaustion, we realized exactly where we were, and how loud we had been, and how someone tried to come in earlier through the closed door. We quickly dressed up, and perhaps we should have felt shame or fear, but those emotions were not an option - they got purged by lust, overtaken by bliss and satisfaction. We were just happy. We didn't even care if anybody saw us together holding hands as we left the locker room and the school. We went to the park in front of a nearby mall to wait for my bus. And we walked like familiar lovers. I even let a few buses go as she rested in my lap, we talked and smiled. She kept whispering into my ears how hot she finds the way I'm still dripping out of her. Then as the sun went down, I boarded the bus. Kissed her, said my goodbyes and departed with our lovely little secret.

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