22 [F4M] Earth - Neurotic social creature looking for another neurotic social (or unsocial) creature

So here are my questions for YOU (answer at your own will)

What is your most driven ambition

What is your most evil intention/motive that even you are afraid to admit to yourself?

Explain relativity

What's your favorite word? (Mine? Anathema)

Last furry thing you touched?

Do you ever doubt the existence of anyone but yourself?

Have you ever worn lingerie? Heh

How much do you use ketchup? (1 - not at all, 5 - on all foods)

What happens if you get scared half to death... Twice?

If I were to kill you, chop you up into little pieces, and then put the remains in a shoe, would you prefer it to be your left shoe or your right shoe?

What?! You don't like my humor?

Hey, I'm 25/M/Texas. (Damn, it is extremely awkward to type that.)

If you were face to face to me right now and could only say one word, what would that word be? Choose carefully

My most driven ambition is to develop a writing project of mine into a cartoon.

My most evil intention or motive, that's a tough one. I'm a pretty tolerant and forgiving guy. However, I do get a certain sick sense of schadenfreude from seeing poetic justice fulfilled.

Ugh...relativity is complex. In order to explain it in a clear way without any equations, I'll need to be relatively brief. (Boom! Physics pun!). Special Relativity states that the speed of light is the fastest thing in the Universe and there is nothing faster. The speed of light remains constant no matter where you measure it from. General Relativity States that velocity affects time and space. Space warps (or curves) in the presence of massive objects causing space to shrink and time to dilate. Due to General Relativity time can flow at different speeds in different situations. If you take a pair of twins and have one live for a year orbiting a neutron star, a very massive stellar body, while the other stayed on Earth, the speed that they aged would be drastically different.

My favorite word is flange.

The last furry thing I touched was my own hair. Who says hair can't be furry? Whoever says that is a liar and a carpetbagger. Or my best friend, who is a furry. I'm not a furry, but i don't have a problem with them and a good chunk of my friends are and they're pretty cool people.

Do I ever doubt the existence of anyone but myself? Always. Cogito ergo sum. I think therefore I exist. However, I have no definitive proof that anyone else thinks and since our senses are flawed I must come to the conclusion that there is a chance that nothing is real. However, I usually give the Universe the benefit of the doubt.

does wearing a bra on your head and pretending it's a Viking Helmet count? It does? Well, damn. I've never done that.

I'd say I'd be a 3.5 on the ketchup scale.

If you get scared half to death twice, you've been scared 3/4 to death. Being scared half to death 3 times means you've been scared 7/8 to death. It's a parabolic curve.

If you were to kill me and place my remains in a shoe, I'd request to be evenly distributed in both shoes. Also, I'd like the shoes in question to be flip flops. Since you cannot put anything inside of a flip flop, I'm afraid you will have to refrain from murdering me.

I do like your humor. I just hope you enjoy mine.

If I saw you in person and had to one word to say, it would probably be something like "whargrble" because I'd probably have water in my mouth or something.

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